This special part of germerika.net is first of all meant as a recognition to those, who serve by giving people hope and help in the worst situations: Paramedics, fire-fighters and law enforcement officers.

Those, who serve in 911 services, also have a very special capacity to bring our culture back to where it had once been   -  or let’s better say “show people that it’s never been away, as it deeply influenced the ‘American way of life’”. Only few can show such easily and clearly, how much this is connected to being a patriotic American! Be invited to explore our “lifestyle” chapter for more about this.


Unfortunately our motto 9-1-one for all and all for 9-1-one only works in English … but there are many different ways how the GERMAN-American culture could have a much bigger valuable influence again. The will to strengthen the German culture in America again is clearly connected to the idea of making the social life better.

Today real human contacts don’t have the same importance for the daily life anymore as they did in the past. Tremendously often you have to recognize a catastrophic lack of respect among people! Children grow up more with online-bullying than with sports and team spirit. Much too often consume replaces creativity.    Old cultures don’t have to be old fashioned(!), but traditions do in every case show different priorities - the easiest example is our notion of time, if it is about cultural goods that exist for centuries, while commercials permanently tell us how important it “is” to always buy something new! Further cultural values are necessary to stick to laws for being aware of their purpose and their importance for social life. Of course our chapter “Manners” has a lot to do with this topic.


If you take the time to read our article “German-American History” you will recognize that the German culture in the USA once became a victim of law enforcement  -  the enforcement of laws that were judged unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States later. This happened during World War I, but it does still have huge consequences! Nowadays a “drug war” hits the society and the American casualties are horrific. Many other crimes are connected to these circumstances. Paramedics permanently see the sad consequences. Often people do not pay enough attention to what a heroism it means, if helpers put themselves through this every day!

Law enforcement officers even help those, who fear them (!  ...). Strengthening the awareness of the society for how many people get help only because their problems get covered up by law enforcement and strengthening the ties between authorities and all parts of the society appears crucial to win this struggle.

Germerika and Hecker want to motivate German-American clubs to help to break up the various taboos connected to this topic  -  taboos that kill, because they keep ILL people from seeking help.

It was Germantown, Pennsylvania, where the anti-slavery movement began  -  and Germerika and Hecker are convinced that the modern German-American community has the same capacity to initiate historic progress  -  or like an old Anglo-American saying expressed it, if tasks appeared almost impossible:


“It takes a German to do it …”


Until today the numbers 9/11 can easily also remember events of 2001. They remind people of heroism and of a society expressing thankfulness. But looking back should always also remind us of the bad developments that followed: Great Fire-fighters and rescue workers, loosing their health and their lives for missing protection against toxic construction materials. Also in other cases courageous people have to recognize that the great word “hero” often can’t be heard much longer than it takes to pronounce it’s four letters a few times …

It is comradeship that lasts!      


This is one of the things, people in 911 services have in common with the armed forces  -  and Germerika and Hecker want to strengthen the ties of comradeship.

Therefore we decided to offer you this special access or at least express a special invitation to the active German-American community. There are special German-American Associations for members of 911 services in different parts of the country. As “fraternal” clubs these share common interests and experiences. They foster the relationship between the authorities and the society  -  and most of all they strengthen each other’s families. Germerika offers chances to connect these valuable ties to a strong network in the entire United States.

Germerika and Hecker want to inspire women, men and dogs (…) from the 911 services to join German-American institutions or even found new 911-associations in their own region. Please just make a first step to experience how welcome you are in this community, no matter whether you speak German or not!


However you should be aware, that German cultural life does not need to be reduced on private activities! Our chapter “Identity” shows that the terms “German“ and “American“ absolutely don’t harbor any contradiction. In the past there were municipalities in the United States, which officially used German words like “Polizei” or “Feuerwehr” and our chapter “Facts” can give you an impression of how legitimate this idea actually still is today.

In South Tyrol all squad-cars have the German inscription “Polizei“ and the Italian inscription “Polizia“ just like some American municipalities still have German street signs with names like “Hauptstrasse” and “Mainstreet”.


In every case remains the fact that your support can help Germerika in a special way to achieve her patriotic goals, just like Germerika offers concrete approaches to make the society better.

Please accept our invitation to deal with what colleagues, comrades, German-American sisters and brothers of yours already do. We hope to be helpful with our contents and we ask you for help  -  just like so many others do it successfully every day …  -  Thanks and be proud!



















- FDNY Steuben Association, Whitestone, NY

- German-American Police Association, Chicago, IL

- German-American Police Association, Hatboro, PA

- German-American Police Association of Greater Milwaukee, WI

- German-American Fire-Fighters Association, Philadelphia, PA

- International German American Police Association, Philadelphia, PA

- NYPD Steuben Association, New York City, NY