Abbreviation: AL

Nickname: The Cotton State

Capital: Montgomery

Official Language: English

State Motto: audemus iura nostra defendere – we dare to defend our rights

Admitted to Union: December 14th 1819 as the 22nd state

Population: about 4.863,000

German-Americans:  more than 354.000  -  about 6%


















Regional German-American institutions

- Alabama Germany Partnership, Birmingham

- Freunde Deutscher Sprache und Kultur, Birmingham

- Friends of German Culture, Huntsville

- Mobile German American Club, Mobile

- The German Club of Auburn, Auburn






German fests/events








German Restaurants

- Hildegards German Cuisine, Huntsville

- Klingler’s European Bakery and Café, Birmingham

- Ol’ Heidelberg, Huntsville







Stores specialized on German goods

- European Market, Huntsville

- Karl’s German Bakery, East Daleville

- Klingler’s European Bakery and Café, Birmingham







Towns with German Background







Additional information








Literature about Germans here








Additional state Symbols

State bird: Yellowhammer

State flower: Camellia

State wildflower: Oak-leaf Hydrangea

State tree: Southern Long Leaf Pine

State reptile: Alabama Red bellied Turtle

State freshwaterfish: Largemouth Bass

State mammal: American Black Bear

State amphibian: Red Hills Salamander

State horse: Racking Horse

State game bird: Wild turkey

State Butterfly: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

State nut: Pecan

State fruit: Blackberry