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While many people think of Germans as “the enemy” in two world wars, Germans have actually always done a great share in protecting the United States and it’s values of freedom. The photo of our “trip” to the USS Nimitz was chosen, because it combines history and our days.

Chester Nimitz was born and grew up in Fredericksburg, Texas  -  one of the most proudly German Towns in the United States  -  or like they say it there today: “Texas heart. German Soul”. He was brought up by his German-American mom and his grandpa, who had been a German Sailor from the old Hanse-City of Bremen. Chester Nimitz called him the most important man in his life. Chester attended the United States Naval Academy and went to Germany to learn more about Diesel machines. When World War I broke out, he was the commander of an American U-boat  -  sorry, submarine … During World War II Chester served as commander-in-chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas. He signed the Japanese capitulation for the USA!  -  A “Kraut”! …  -  In World War II …  -  And he was only one of many!



Everyone should know that it was the German (Prussian) General von Steuben, who reorganized the Continental Army during the War of Independence, and there would be many more famous German-Americans in the history of America’s Armed Forces, but this chapter is not supposed to deal with these. It is supposed to pay respect to those who’s names don’t get mentioned everywhere and to ask every American soldier for his help in a fight that is fought with education and pride, love and timeless comradeship!  -  By the way: Have you ever really become aware that Americans don’t salute like the old colonial powers France and Britain?  -  Until today they pay respect to each other the German way!


For the Germerika-Project every current US soldier and Veteran has a special capacity to help bringing our culture back to where it had once been or let’s say “show people that it’s never been away, as it deeply influenced the American way of life”, and what we can offer you, is a way to serve your country and many of your comrades by defeating an injustice that has occurred already a long time ago. All it takes from you is to show that you are a German-American, just like 25% of the US Army in the Civil War were Germans.  -  One of them Colonel Friedrich Hecker ...  -  It is the heritage of such American heroes that was destroyed, when World War I Propaganda defamed German-American Culture as an Expression of hostility.  -  We are convinced that death might be able to eliminate Armies, but it can never eliminate comradeship.  -  Ignorance can do that. But soldiers know, how much can be overcome by the power of will!


So if you have once made the decision to serve your USA, please consider to serve it by taking a look at the link “taking part”.

Thank you!