§ 1

Germerika and Hecker, their names, background story, symbols and other designs (for example clothes or maps), the term “U.S. German Shepherd Service”, as well as all articles of germerika.net and the design of this website are protected by law and international treaties, as personal intellectual property.

For the Germerika logo all rights are reserved.


§ 2

Germerika and Hecker serve cultural and educational goals. In this context individuals as well as clubs, public institutions (for example schools, 911-services or military units) are very welcome to show Germerika und Hecker and help them to serve as personifications, as long as the paragraphs here or the general principles of the Germerika Project (see the golden bar below) are not being violated in the same context. Apart from that Germerika und Hecker are also created for children and youngsters, who require special protection. In the military context they may be shown on vehicles or airplanes, but not on weapons (for example bombs). Generally they may only be shown in contexts of respect for Germerika and Hecker, the Germerika-Project, the German-Americans, the unity of the German people (see our chapter “Identity”) and the United States of America. The rights mentioned in § 1 would be violated by any creation of new products (for example t-shirts, banners, pins etc.), even without commercial motivation.

Single publications/ introductions of Germerika and Hecker in the media can of course be a great help for them to achieve their goals. Repeating publications would however not be legitimate without licence! The general Principles of the Germerika Project have to be respected here as well!


§ 3

To ensure these principles, exclusively the copyright owner is legitimated to create depictions of Germerika and Hecker as well as of the above mentioned other designs. Things like usual pictures of children are of course excepted. Germerika and Hecker love it, to explore new worlds through the creativity of children!


§ 4

Germerika and Hecker are Americans! Institutions of States that are not a part of the USA are generally not allowed to show them.


§ 5

The use of Germerika and Hecker as well as of the above mentioned other designs for any unlicensed commercial purposes is strictly prohibited! According licenses can not be given by partner organizations, but exclusively by E. L. R. Henoch as the creating artist and copyright owner.





We have done our best to always respect foreign copyrights!

If rights we didn’t know about should have been affected, we would apologize and ask for tolerance.