Abbreviation: KY

Nickname: The Bluegrass State

Capital: Frankfort

Official Language: English

State Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Admitted to Union: 1st of June 1792 as the 15th State

Population: about 4.436.000

German-Americans:  more than 638.000  -  about 13%


















Regional German-American institutions

- German-American Heritage Club Gesangverein, Louisville

- German Heritage Society, Louisville

- Kentuckian German Heritage Society, Louisville

- NKY German Heritage Club, Florence







German fests/events








German Restaurants

- Gasthaus German Restaurant, Louisville

- Hofbraeuhaus, Newport

- Marikka’s Restaurant and Bierstube, Lexington








Stores specialized on German goods








Towns with German Background







Additional information








Literature about Germans here








Additional state Symbols

State bird: Cardinal

State flower: Goldenrod

State fish: Kentucky spotted bass

State tree: Tulip poplar

State insect: Honey bee

State beverage: Milk

State mineral: Coal

State rock: Kentucky agate

State horse: Thoroughbred

State game animal: Eastern gray squirrel

State butterfly: Viceroy butterfly

State gemstone: Freshwater pearl

State fruit: Blackberry

State music: Bluegrass

State bluegrass song: Blue Moon of Kentucky

State song: My Old Kentucky Home

State musical instrument: Appalachian dulcimer

State dance: Clogging

State sports car: Chevrolet Corvette