“Hecker hoch“ means “Hecker up“  -  either to cheer up a Hecker or to give the order to pull him up.




Abbreviation: MO

Nickname: The Show Me State

Capital: Jefferson City

Official Language: English

State Motto: Salus populi suprema lex esto = let the welfare of the people be the supreme law

Admitted to Union: 10th of August 1821 as the 24th state

Population: about  6.093.000

German-Americans:  more than 1.577.000  -  about 24%  -  Biggest ethnic group in Missouri!


















Regional German-American institutions

- Badischer Unterstützungsverein, St. Louis

- Blautaler Schuhplattler of Kansas City, Kansas City

- Deutscher Kulturverein, St. Louis

- Deutscher Männerchor, St.Louis

- Deutscher Schulverein, St. Louis

- D’Fröhliche Schuhplattler GTEV St. Louis

- German-American Citizens Association, Raytown

- German-American Heritage Society, Ballwin

- German-American Heritage Society, St. Louis

- German Culture Center  -  University of Missouri, St. Louis

- German Cultural Society, St. Louis

- Germania(!!!) Club of Kansas City, Kansas City

- Harmonie Sängerbund, St. Louis

- Liederkranz Singing Society, Fenton

- Schwäbischer Sängerbund, St. Louis

- Steuben Society of America, St. Louis

- St. Charles County German Heritage Club, St. Charles

- St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities Inc., St. Louis

- St. Louis Schuetzenverein, St. Louis







German fests/events

- GACA Oktoberfest, Raytown

- Germania(!!!) Coronation Ball, Overland Park

- KC Oktoberfest, Kansas City

- Shawnee Oktoberfest, Shawnee

- Soulard Oktoberfest, Soulard

- St. Louis Straßenfest, St. Louis







German Restaurants

- Gruenauer, Kansas City

- Rheinland Restaurant, Independence

- St. Louis Gasthaus, St.Louis







Stores specialized on German goods

- G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Company, St. Louis







Towns with German Background






Additional information

- The third Wednesday in October is Missouri Day

- St. Louis owes it’s Gateway Arch to the German-American engineer Hannskarl Bandel







Literature about Germans here








Additional state Symbols

State bird: Blue bird

State flower: Hawthorn

State grape: Norton

State tree: Flowering dogwood

State musical instrument: Fiddle

State fish: Channel Catfish

State mammal: Missouri mule

State Amphibian: American bullfrog

State mineral: Galena

State rock: Mozarkite

State horse: Missouri Foxtrotter

State game bird: Bobwhite Quail

State insect: Honey bee

State song: Missouri Waltz

State reptile: Three-toed box turtle

State grass: big bluestem

State dance: Square dance

State dessert: Ice cream