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Abbreviation: OH

Nickname: The Buckeye State

Capital: Columbus

Official language: None

State Motto: With God, all things are possible

Admitted to Union: March 1st 1803 as the 17th state

Population: about 11.614.000

German-Americans:  more than 3.232.000  -  about 27%  -  Biggest ethnic group in Ohio!



















Regional German-American institutions

- Bavarian Sports Club, Toledo

- Bavarian Sports Club Holzhackerbuam, Oregon

- Bayrischer Unterstützungsverein,  Toledo

- Boone County Germanna Study Group

- Cincideutsch, Cincinatti

- Cincinatti Donauschwaben Society, Cincinatti

- Cleveland Donauschwaben, Olmsted Township

- Clevelander Schuhplattlerverein, Parma

- Columbus Maennerchor, Columbus

- DANK Chapter Cleveland, Cleveland

- Dayton Liederkranz-Turner, Dayton

- Der Deutsche Bubenverein, Cincinatti                                                                                               

- Deutscher Musikverein, Cleveland

- Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center, Olmsted

- Edelweiss Sport Club, Hamilton

- Eintracht Singing Society, Dayton

- Friends of the German Heritage Museum, Cincinatti

- German Central Foundation, Parma

- German-American Citizens League - University of Cincinatti, Cincinatti

- German-American Collection, Cincinatti

- German-American Club, Akron

- German-American Festival Society, Oregon

- German Central Farm, Parma

- German Club Edelweiss, Englewood

- German Family Society of Akron, Kent

- German Music Society, Cleveland

- German Singing and Sports Society, Columbus

- Germania(!!!) Society of Cincinatti, Cincinatti  -  www.germaniasociety.com

- Germania(!!!) Society STV, Cincinatti

- Gottscheer Club Cleveland, Novelty

- Händlmaier’s Mustard Club, Cincinatti

- Liberty Home Association/ Deutscher Hausverein, Hamilton

- Mansfield Liederkranz, Mansfield

- Newark Maennerchor, Newark

- Sachsenheim, Cleveland

- Schuhplattler und Trachtenverein Bavaria, Olmsted

- Teutonia Damen- und Maennerchor of Toledo GAF, Toledo







German fests/events

- Germania-Karneval, -Maifest, -Oktoberfest, -Christkindlmarkt, -Volksmarches and much more(!), Cincinatti

- German American Festival, Oregon

- STV Bavaria Bierfest

- Traubenfest of the German Family Society of Akron, Kent

- Zinzinatti Oktoberfest - STV Bavaria Bierfest







German Restaurants

- Black forest Café, Oregon

- Boulevard Haus, Dayton                                                                                                                        

- Der Braumeister, Cleveland

- Geisen Haus, North Canton

- Schmidt’s, Columbus

- Wurst und Bier, Columbus






Stores specialized on German goods

- The Sausage Shoppe, Cleveland







Towns with German Background







Additional information

- Ohio’s flag was designed by the German American John Eisenmann in 1901!

- In Cincinatti’s Washington Park you can find the above shown Friedrich Hecker Monument!

- All top three towns with the biggest percentage of German-Americans in the US are in Ohio: Monterey 83%, Granville 79% and St. Henry 78,5%! Washington (72,2%) would need only 0.4% more to reach the fourth “rank”! Several others follow!







Literature about Germans here








Additional state Symbols

State bird: cardinal

State Drink: Tomato juice

State fruit: Tomato

State Flower: Scarlet carnation

State Wildflower: Large white trillium

State Tree: Ohio Buckeye

State Amphibian: Spotted salamander

State Reptile: Black racer (snake)

State insect: 7-spot ladybug

State Gemstone: Ohio flint

State animal: White tailed deer