Germerika loves Cheerleading!!!  -  The reason: It’s soooooo American(!...), and at the same time motivating is one of her own great passions as the personification of the German-Americans. But also many, many others can motivate and inspire! Therefore every German-Americans athlete has a special capacity to bring our culture back to where it had once been   -  or let’s say “show people that it’s never been away, as it deeply influenced the American way of life”. Accordingly this chapter has three components:



Sport always has to do with values. Different groups face each other with respect! They hold together!  -  Once as friends, once as a nation!

These facts give sports a special importance for the project and a great social value.

For sport should always remain fun somehow and because most athletes begin “small“ (...), we also want to introduce games here.


Of course also the Germerika-Banner may not be missing in this chapter, as it shall serve the goal to patriotically draw people’s attention to the Germerika-Project. The banner is based on the design of Germerika’s dress and it’s a very beautiful addition to any kind of American decoration with flags. It’s also a perfect companion to sports events! Buying it and showing it, both supports the project. More information is given at the links “Taking part”.  -  And don’t forget: the German version of the “Starspangled Banner“ can be found at the link “Taking Part” as well.


“Turnvater Jahn  =  Gymnastics-father Jahn“


Sport was always of a special meaning in German and German-American history. It was an essential part of the cultural life and in America also a mean to express identity and self-confidence. In this context it’s important to explain that sports clubs in Germany were decisive for the existence of the national-,  liberty- and democracy-movement. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn invented the „Turnsport = Gymnastics“ as a para-military training in the times of French occupation under Napoleon.

However it was always planned as a part of public culture, of “Volkstum = folklore”.

Fencing, swimming and running belonged to the disciplines of the German “Turners“ as well  -  just like the goals freedom and German unity!

Also in the “Vormärz = Pre-March” (time between 1815 and the beginning of the German Revolution on March 13th 1848 in Vienna, Austria) sports clubs were founded to cover political, democratic associations in Germany. In this spirit Germans brought this tradition of sport to America, where German clubs were important for a long time. During the Civil War German “Turners“ served as the body guard of Abraham Lincoln. In Germany today there is strong resistance among the fans in professional Soccer against tries to change the rule that clubs may not be sold to investors like in all other big European Soccer-leagues.

More than there, Gymnastics in America is a part of cultural life until today, as it enjoys brought public attention. It influenced the aesthetic of modern dancing and naturally also of the above shown cheerleading, for which Germerika hopes that you’ll integrate German language and contents into your performances.


(1) Georg Hermann Erhardt „Babe“ Ruth – A true legend of American sports  -  a “Kraut” ...

Irony of history:  The anti-German propaganda (2) showed the German monsters with a very similar equipment too ...

It’s also important at this point to emphasize that mostly German boys from America would love to spend the day with a club and such a pretty girl on the beach, while Germans from Europe mostly couldn’t use the club ... -  Our immigrant Hecker for example (3) thought it to be necessary for a long time to pick it up and bring it back to Germerika ...  -  Also the rustically produced balls in Baseball are absolutely not his style!  -  No comparison to his beloved modern tennis balls.


Generally sport has a huge importance in German culture. Like in watching American movies, it’s also advisable to look for German names in American sports.

In the Germerika Project sports uniquely easily offer the opportunity to take part:  German-Americans can gather all across the country and make sports together. A team arises faster than a complex association. If people show that they are German-Americans, sports immediately create attention. Logos can have German elements and thereby become a cultural good themselves.

Only the more sad is it, to write that this chapter currently unfortunately can’t be brought to the level it deserves. The reason: time  -  or rather too little time and still too much work on the basic articles. However we search for sport-partner-organisations, which want to help to realize our above described “sport-approach“, who report about experiences for others and make a few things easier for them this way (see “Taking Part”).

… and of course we hope for prominent athletes, who are willing to help. You only need to agree to the short sentence below and let yourself be listed here -  or make others do the same. If you ask yourself “why should I?“, you should at least take a look at the already much further developed article “German American History”. Thanks!